Friday, October 5, 2012

Asian Sticky Wings

Mike can (sadly) attest to the fact that I am not a football fan.  I've tried to get in to the sport, and also tried to be better at pretending I like it, but somehow I still don't get it.  Fortunately, if there's one thing I love about getting together with friends to watch football (I mean, who am I to be antisocial), it's the food. I love wings, dips, chips, beer, the whole package!

These wings are my favorite go-to football season snack, though i've made them many times just for parties or potlucks.  They're super flavorful and brown up really nicely in the oven thanks to the brown sugar in the marinade.  Don't be intimidated by the long list of ingredients, they all have a fairly long shelf life so you can make these many times- and trust me, you will!

* 2 dozen chicken drumettes
* 2 tsp. sesame seeds, for garnish
* 1/2 c. teriyaki sauce
* 1/2 c. soy sauce
* dash of Worsteshire sauce
* 1/4 c. light brown sugar, packed
* 2 tbsp. honey
* 1 tbsp. sesame oil
* 1 tbsp. ginger spice blend (in the refrigerator section by the fresh herbs)
* 1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes
* 1/4 tsp. black pepper

Whisk together all marinade ingredients.  Add chicken to marinade and stir well to make sure all chicken is coated with sauce.  Refrigerate at least 1 hour.  Meanwhile, preheat oven to 450.  Line a cookie sheet with tin foil and arrange the chicken on the pan, reserving any extra marinade. Transfer the cookie sheet to the oven and bake 20 minutes.  While wings are cooking, add marinade to a small sauce pan and bring to a boil (watch it carefully and whisk often- the sugars in the marinade will burn easily).   Let the marinade boil for 2 minutes, then reduce heat to low. After 20 minutes, turn the wings, baste with the reserved marinade, and return to the oven.  Repeat this process every 10 minutes until wings are cooked through (about 45 minutes total).  Enjoy!

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