Friday, January 11, 2013

Longing for Venice

Tonight I'm enjoying a true Venetian treat- a delicious, dry Chianti with a bowl of crispy potato chips.   No really, this is authentic.

A few years ago, my best friend, Magen, and I traveled through Italy and Greece together and had the absolute time of our lives.  It was an unforgettable trip- the food, the sun, beautiful islands and historical architecture.

As I was flipping through my Food Network Magazine this month, I noticed a Keurig ad that featured a photo of the Piazzo St. Marco in Venice (also known as St. Mark's Square).   The photo in the ad was taken at almost the exact same spot as my picture below, it was so beautiful!

Magen and I spent our days in Venice roaming around the Rialto market, touring the Cathedrals, eating our fill of gelato, and enjoying leisurely lunches of pizza and wine.  We tried, of course, to experience all Venice had to offer (most of which we did), but every night of that trip we ended up in St. Mark's square.

St. Mark's square is a magical place - a vast, open space surrounded by shops and restaurants, which at night transforms into an outdoor concert hall of sorts.  The most amazing thing is that each restaurant sets up their own orchestra, almost as if it's a battle of classical music.  One orchestra will play, then turn their lights of so another can begin; there isn't a bad seat to be had in the entire square.   To please the American's, they play the Sound of Music, Moon River, and many other classics. 

While the orchestra plays, of course you have to have a glass of wine or two - Chianti for us (when in Venice!), and the waiters bring small bites, usually a bowl of olives and some crispy potato chips.  I'm not sure a potato chip has ever tasted as lovely as those chips in St. Mark's square.

Here's to Venezia, Piazzo St. Marco, a good Chianti and a crispy chip!

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  1. That was legit the most fabulous and glamorous trip ever! Hopefully we can go back one day in the future and drag along our husbands ;) xoxo