Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watermelon - Feta Skewers

Despite the fact that summer seems to be trying to slip away from us early (hello sweater weather last weekend?!), the sweet summer produce is lingering for a little while more. 

I tend to eat SO much fruit in the summer, whether for a snack, in a smoothie, on salads, or even on the grill, I just love it.  One of my favorites this year has been the sweet, juicy watermelon, so of course I've been trying to think up new ways to use it.

Watermelon and feta are such a classic combination, and with the help of a sharp knife, this simple pairing can easily be transformed into an impressive, light, and refreshing appetizer. The pop of freshness from the mint, paired with the sweet, sticky balsamic syrup makes for a winning flavor combination.

To assemble these, I purchased watermelon that had been pre-cut into strips (of course, you can do this yourself if you prefer). After I cut it into cubes, I placed each on top of a block of feta and cut so the slices were even (wiping the knife with a damp paper towel in between slices will help make a neat cut).  Drip balsamic syrup on top, then garnish with chopped fresh mint and skewer with a toothpick.

*You can find balsamic syrup in most stores now, but if you would prefer to make your own, you can do so by boiling 1/2 c. balsamic vinegar with 1 tbsp. sugar until it's reduced to a thick, syrupy consistency.

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