Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Decor

I must admit, I've never been particularly big on Halloween decor, but as it turns out, I am marrying a man who is nothing short of obsessed with Halloween.  I wish I were joking, but he actually wanted to wait until October 2014 to get married because next year, Halloween will be on a Friday.  I'm certain that he was envisioning an entire wedding party in costume. 

Of course, I had to burst that bubble, so instead I have accepted his enthusiastic holiday spirit as my own.  After all, if there's one thing I DO love, it's a themed party. 

Gourds are a fall staple and at about 50 cents a pop, they won't break the bank. 

Target is really in the spirit this year - they've organized all of their potentially 'dark' wines, like this Apothic Dark, and put them in the Halloween section so they're easy to find. I found the witch hat wine topper last year at Pottery Barn, hopefully they have more this year!

I'm also loving these wine labels I found in the dollar bins at Target - 4 for a dollar? Can't be that!

More from Target!  Loving these paper plates and napkins I found for my annual pumpkin carving party.

I loved this glass pumpkin candy jar, which reminded me of one my mom always had when I was little.  Try to act surprised- I found it at Target!

I just love a festive straw.  I found these at Sur la Table, though you can really find paper straws anywhere these days.

I made the mistake of taking Mike to Michael's with me (Halloween excitement overload), where he promptly found this door mat.  After a thirty minute debate, we chose this pattern!

Bails of hay are also adding to our outdoor decor.  We found these at a nursery in Ogden (along with the pumpkins - Roscoe was separate) and they were only $20 for 4 bails.

Now we wait!

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