Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year & a Look at Life Lately

Hello and Happy New Year all! I'm exciting to be back on the blog this week.  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  This is the first time i've powered on my computer since Christmas Eve (and that was only to book a return trip to St. John - yay!).  It was so nice to disconnect and recharge for a few weeks.

As usual, I can't believe how quickly the holidays flew by. I stayed in town this year and it was so great to have a full week off and ease back into work during the week of New Years.

Since I spent Christmas with Mike's family this year, my sisters came down to celebrate the weekend prior.  We rocked our matching pajamas all weekend, and of course Wilkie had to get in on the action!

Roscoe represented with his jingle bell collar.  He actually gets really excited when he hears it jingle and rushes up to have you put it on, which is surprising!  I think he likes all of the attention he gets when he jingles. 

Christmas was a big success.  Mike got me these fantastic Williams-Sonoma stacking bowls that i've been eyeing for forever.  I know, it's sort of nerdy, but I love a nice prep bowl! They're very reasonably priced and i've already made good use of most of them. 

He also gave me an apron i've been eyeing, Ina Garten's Make it Ahead (amazing, as expected), and some food magazines in my stocking.  Of course he came through with something pretty too!  I've been  dying for a GiGi New York clutch for so long now.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the purple color is really fun in person, and I love seeing my new initials!

If you make a purchase from at some point during the year, she will usually send you a gift card for the holidays.  I bit the bullet and used mine to buy these gorgeous glasses from her home collection.  The blue is even more gorgeous in person if you can believe it.  These will be the perfect glasses for spring and summer. 

For once I had a very low-key New Year's eve.  It was so nice!  I usually put so much pressure on one night.  I want glitz, glam, and a sparkly outfit.  The truth is it's always a disappointment, and worse yet, we can NEVER get a ride home.  This year, instead of worrying about it, we had a nice dinner at Boca Bay with the family.  I still got to dress up and, of course, wear a tiny crown. 

After dinner, we came home and sat by the fire pit with two of Mike's brothers and my fabulous sister-in-law.  The perfect NYE!

Cheers to a fabulous 2015 all!  See you Tuesday with a new recipe! 


  1. I got the same Williams-Sonoma bowls! I've lusted after my mom's for YEARS and she finally got me some :) They are so perfect.

  2. Awww, love all of your photos :) Congrats on booking the vacation and glad you took off some time for the holidays--we all need those mini breaks! Those Tori Burch glasses are beautiful, as are the stacking bowls (love Williams Sonoma!).

    Sounds like you had a very happy holiday season :)