Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Isn't it amazing how a warm Saturday after a string of cold, dreary, windy weekends can turn your whole attitude around?  

Mike and I had the most amazing (and productive!) weekend.  We started off at Melting Pot Friday and enjoyed their Restaurant Week special.  

Mike is a professional "fonduer"

Saturday, we planted a huge garden, or as Mike says, "sewed our land".  As he also says, "'tis good to own land!"  So true.   Given our limited knowledge on gardening, i'm interested to see what sprouts! 

In effort to stop Roscoe from digging up (carrot seeds) and nibbling (tomato plants) all of our crops, we distracted him by letting him help clean out the freezer. 

Unfortunately, his distraction could only last so long before he decided to entertain himself with a full contact roll in the pollen covered grass.  Sometimes a day outside has its downsides... 

Sunday morning, we headed to church followed by lunch at Dockside.  It's crazy how easy it is to forget what a gorgeous place you live in.  A little salty air, cool breeze, and a shrimp in the bottom of your bloody mary can fix that!

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  1. Fabulous post-love the pic of Roscoe!! Can't wait to see you Easter weekend!!! xoxox