Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding-Part 2

Now for the best part of any wedding - the reception!  I chose the venue specifically because of their amazing holiday decorations, so I hardly had to do a thing myself.

Our beautiful cake was created by one of my favorite bakery's, Maxie B's.  My wedding was all about winter white, tradition and a little touch of holiday.  Maxie B's really nailed it.

More of the beautiful flowers.  I went with a mixture of high and low centerpieces and a simple table setting.

My sister created this amazing card box for us. She hand painted our monogram in silver and added a sash similar to the one on my dress.  She even added buttons down the back of the box.

This was the first of about a thousand dips.  I like to think we really crushed it during our first dance - we went rogue and never practiced!  The energy in the room was so great though, we spun and twirled and dipped to our hearts content.

Since this is a food blog after all, I have to share the delicious dinner!  We were really down to the wire with our RVSP cutoff date, so instead of providing guests with a choice, we went with a duo plate.  Everyone had a petite filet, scampi style shrimp, and mushroom and goat cheese risotto-one of my favorites!

This was one of many "Opa!" moments throughout the evening.  My father-in-law had just toasted us - how great is Magen's face in this picture?  She won for the official cheerleader of the party.

I cannot say enough good things about the Horizon band. They came in from Atlanta and they brought the house down!  We had a pretty structured evening from cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and dancing.  As soon as that cake was cut, people hit the dance floor and didn't leave for the rest of the night! Mike loves a good horn section - they did not disappoint!

Every time Mike and I hit the dance floor, a circle opened up.  So much pressure!  I'm surprise my dress was still in tact after all those spins and dips.

Serious husband-wife dance off in progress.

I'm too lazy to participate in "Shout!" when we have to get "softer now."  My go too move is for Mike to take a knee and I'll wait there until it get's a "little bit louder now!"

When I look at other peoples' wedding albums, some of my favorite photographs are the grand exit.  The bride and groom in black and white surrounded by bubbles, a line of sparklers, floating rose petals, you get the drift.  Well, those pictures didn't exactly work out for us!  Mike may or may not have taken a sparkler to the face on the way out and is making the most terrible hilarious expression in every other shot.  Fortunately we have about 100 sparklers left so maybe we can recreate it for July 4th!


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