Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life Lately

Get ready for an influx of pictures!  I hope everyone had a great long weekend. 

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic as we celebrated my friend Stephanie's birthday a little early this weekend with lots of old friends.  Stephanie and her husband, Jim, are getting ready to move to Japan for 3 years, where Jim will be stationed.  It was so much fun celebrating, but it all feels a little too real now!

Stephanie and I lived together in college and beyond.  At one point we realized that if North Carolina were a common law state, we would basically be married. 

The party was a surprise that Jim put together.  I think she may have caught on when she saw everyone's cars int he parking lot - but she put on a good 'surprise' face! 

If you live in Wilmington and have a water loving dog like me, please go to the Pooch Plunge at Legion Stadium!  This event is SO much fun, and Roscoe can barely handle his excitement when he's there.  There is a $5 charge for each pup and it runs through Friday or Saturday. 

The deep end was full of labs and retrievers, but there is also a shallow end where the little pups play (and where Roscoe plays once Mike gets tired of lifting him out of the water)

Roscoe will be swimming in his sleep for days after this! 

Until next summer! 

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