Monday, March 6, 2017


That’s how I’m feeling after I shared Friday’s post. 

When I hit “publish” I sort of thought…let’s just see if anyone reads this.  I decided not to promote it and just test the waters to see if anyone was still reading.  Then I told Mike that I blogged for the first time in ages and, of course (being the supportive husband that he is), he took the initiative to share it on Facebook. Then my sister shared it and I have to say – I did not expect such an overwhelming response.   Seriously. It completely made my weekend.  Everyone had such kind things to say.  Things like “OMG, I’m not alone!”, “truth!!”, and most importantly, “Keep posting!!”  I feel so encouraged and so grateful to everyone who took time to read it, and especially those who commented. Just like that, it was my most read post.  Ever. 

Part of the reason I wrote it was because I felt like I needed to ask permission to change the topic of Young & Entertaining.   Yes, I know that’s ridiculous.  But I built my following on original recipes, restaurant reviews, and by sharing a glimpse into my social life, which barely exists anymore. Or at least, has an entirely new definition.  

I had to ask myself, can Young & Entertaining also be a mom-blog?  I don’t feel young anymore.  But I do have a young child. I don’t entertain much anymore.  But I do still love it (and cooking!) when the mood strikes.  And I love being entertained by my young child! (Too far?) 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still endlessly interested in food (does anyone else talk about what’s for dinner at lunch?) and will do my best to post any new recipes and food ideas.  It’s just that, now new recipes will probably be more along the lines of “look what I made in 12 minutes on a sheet pan while also stopping Charlotte from climbing the stairs 17 times" and/or “look what Charlotte actually liked and gobbled up for dinner!” Forget what I like, what will this baby actually eat that’s not Veggie Straws?

So anyway, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for entertaining this thought of a newer (hopefully improved!) version of Young & Entertaining.  Hope you enjoy and hope you’ll keep reading along.

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