Monday, December 3, 2012

Ice Cream Soda

The holidays are upon us!  Can you believe it?  I think the season's arrival calls for a special treat.  Ice Cream Soda is actually a specialty of my mom's; I don't remember a week going by when I was younger that I didn't have one (I mean, it was the perfect accompaniment to my weeklyTGIF Pizza Party after all).  It's such a delicious, nostalgic treat, and it only takes two ingredients: Vanilla Ice Cream and Vernor's Ginger Ale ( and I insist you use Vernor's).  The ginger ale gives the ice cream almost a freeze dried texture and creates a yummy, bubbly foam on top.

Not only is Ice Cream Soda a fun dessert for adults and kids alike, but also make for a lovely finale at a dinner party.  No matter what I make, I find that people are almost always too full for dessert (ok, so I may be guilty of refilling the cheese plate until it's gone, but who am I to judge how much cheese 5 people   can consume?!).  Not the case with ice cream soda!  The first time I made it for friends was after my first annual ladies gift exchange a few years ago.  I made Julia Child's famous boeuf bourguignon and everyone was about to burst when I mentioned dessert.  Most of the ladies politely declined, but as soon as I brought out a few Ice Cream Soda's on a tray, their eyes perked up!   It's such a refreshing, sweet treat, it really is hard to resist.    Be sure to serve it up with both a straw and spoon (I found these red striped straws at Sur la Table).   Merry Sipping!

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