Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Update: NC Azalea Festival

Did everyone have a great weekend?  Mine was pretty exceptional, but I will admit that I'm also exceptionally exhausted! This weekend we had the North Carolina Azalea Festival here in Wilmington and after a 3 day string of events, i'm in need of some beauty rest.

The Azalea Festival, held the second weekend in April when the Azaleas start to bloom, offers a huge variety of events from the Garden Party, garden tours, concerts, fireworks, a street fair, and even a circus.  There is something for people of all ages to enjoy. 

The celebration started Thursday at the Off the Beaten Path concert, which was so much fun.  I went with my mother in-law and my friend Stephanie to enjoy the sounds of Randy Houser and Justin Moore. 

Saturday we headed out to the Garden Party at Airlie Gardens.  The day could not have been more perfect - a bit warm in the sun but absolutely wonderful in the shade.  The Garden Party is sort of a who's-who of Wilmington and you'll likely run into everyone you've ever met.  It's also open bar, starting at 11, so keeping a slow and steady pace is key to success! 

I stopped at the Bud-Light tent because they were giving out great novelty mason-jar glasses if you tried one of their canned margaritas.  I'm not going to lie, that strawberry-rita was delicious, but so sugary.  Just a few sips is all you need.

The garden party is a total sea of seersucker.  I particularly enjoyed these pink socks and shorts! 

The cadets from the Citadel escort the Azalea Belles to the Garden Party - poor guys must have been dying in those jackets, but they were great sports.

 I had to get an awkward rear photo - how great are those legit fanny packs?

Saturday night we attended the Patrons Party at Cape Fear Country Club.  The party was absolutely stunning- how beautiful is this tent? They set up various stations for small plates, which was such a great idea - it really kept the party moving. 

Happy Monday! 

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