Friday, April 18, 2014

Food Inspired Friday: Kid-Friendly Easter

I've reached "that age" where my entire Facebook feed seems to consist of wedding or baby pics.  This week, I'm loving all of the baby pics with the Easter bunny, the preschool egg hunts, and most especially the babies dressed as bunnies themselves! For those of you that have little ones, here is a little inspiration and a few easy cooking projects for the holiday weekend. 

I used to love making these birds nests when I was little.  Just stir melted white chocolate (or butterscotch- that was my personal favorite) with chow main noodles, shape into nests, and top with candy eggs. 

These no-bake bunny tail treats are made with cream cheese and coconut. 

What could be easier than a rice crispy treat with a peep on top? 

These carrots are so cute - they would make a great edible centerpiece too!

If you'll be hosting this year, check out my Easter Brunch menu from last year for some inspiration!

Happy Weekend!

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