Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jello for Grown Ups

For today's Food Inspired Friday I bring you…Jello!  Summer is here, and sometimes grown-ups need transportable adult beverages.  Jello shots don't have to be your average grape and cherry in a plastic cup - they're going gourmet!

On of my favorite blogs, Domesticate Me, shared a recipe for moscow mule jello shots.  She also shared the basic formula for jello success:
 1 cup alcohol + 1 cup non-alcoholic liquid + 2 envelopes gelatin= JELLO SHOTS

How pretty are these watermelon-lime squares?  This particular recipe has just a touch of alcohol, but you could always adjust if necessary! 

I'm still a fan of a classic Cosmo - you can't beat the color of these squares

I'm having a hard time deciding which recipe I want to try first!

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