Monday, April 20, 2015

Thoughts on Lilly for Target

Was anyone else as excited as I was for Lilly for Target?  Let me tell you, it was actually causing anxiety in my life.  There were just SO many pieces I wanted, and I knew how hard it would be to get them. I was especially excited about the homewares, since Lilly Pullitzer doesn't typically sell dishes or pillows. 

I'm feeling a little disappointed in the amount of stock our Target store had based on how much hype they were building.  They advertised in magazines, television and social media, yet only had two racks of clothes in the store.  What's up with that? Essentially, you just had to dedicate yourself to one section, whether it was bags and accessories, clothes, home goods, or toddler/girls, and be prepared to run. No time to roam! 

I'm also still drained from spending 3 hours awake in the middle of the night Saturday (because they wouldn't tell anyone what time the line was launching online, only that it would be "very early" which could mean basically anything!) dealing with a crashed site.  That was so incredibly frustrating! I got a random email that one of my (after 20 attempts) orders actually went through, so hopefully the bathing suit and shorts I ordered will fit. 

I will say, after running for my life and getting aggressive, i'm pretty excited about what I snagged.  I so wanted 8 plates and 8 napkins, but I was lucky enough to at least snag the last set of plates, bowls, and an adorable pineapple chip-and-dip bowl.  I really don't think they could have had more than 4 sets of plates in that store.   I tag teamed the sale with my two friends Magen and Salina, and Salina grabbed me the gold rimmed plates and pineapple juicer-which i'm loving.  

A note to Target:  Don't break our hearts next time.  I was lucky to get a lot of what I wanted, but if Target could at least give everyone a fighting chance to order online, it would be appreciated!  

Didn't get what you want? Try your best to resist exorbitant Ebay and Instagram prices. Remember - for the prices you see on those sites (double/triple/QUADRUPLE!), you can go to the real Lilly store and get even better quality. Target is asking everyone to boycott until the prices come down to original price or even lower.  I'll be checking Ebay in a few weeks for stragglers!

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