Thursday, March 27, 2014

Food Inspired Friday: The Pizza Oven

Today's FIF is all about some product love and I want to share my absolute favorite wedding present. It's called the Pizzeria Pronto and it has revolutionized at home pizza making. 

I've always loved making pizza at home, but I've never been able to get a crispy crust in the oven.  This little tabletop contraption is heated with a propane tank, just like a grill.  It gets 600-700 degrees and actually achieves pizzeria quality crust.

Mike and I are loving hosting build-your-own pizza parties with a variety of toppings.  I'm in charge of the dough and Mike is the resident pizza-oven expert.  It does take some skill to maneuver the pizza from the peel to the oven, then turn it every so often so everything browns evenly - a skill he's mastered!  

Happy Friday everyone!  I'll leave you with a shot of this handsome pup awaiting a spare crust..

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