Friday, March 14, 2014

Food Inspired Friday

Today I'm going to kick-start a new Friday series, Food Inspired Friday.  So much around me inspires me to learn, cook, and entertain.  Whether it's a unique menu, a weathered old note card with a family recipe, the memory of a great meal on vacation, going to a great party with a perfect grouping of hor d'oeuvres, a picture in a magazine at the doctors office, or just a great episode of Barefoot Contessa.  Inspiration is everywhere, and I love to utilize it in the kitchen. 

For my first post, I want to share a really wonderful meal I had when I was in Charlotte a few weeks ago visiting with my high school friends, Magen and Megan, to celebrate our close birthdays.

Friday night, we went to check out Good Food on Montford, a tapas restaurant. 

Let me tell you, I adore a good tapas restaurant, but to really embrace it you need the right group of people.  I think I particularly enjoyed Good Food because our group had the perfect attitude- try everything, share everything.  Because there were 5 of us, we were able to try virtually the entire menu (ok, maybe not the entire menu, but at least a solid 50%).  

I tried mussels for the first time, and I think I chose a good time to make that first move.  Personally, I've never really met a curry I liked, but this green curry broth was mild, slightly sweet and delicate.
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I think this beef dish was my favorite of the evening.  I've been googling 'how to make crispy rice' ever since, but all I can find is a variety of rice crispy treat recipes.  I might just have to go in blind on this one, because that crispy rice was to die for.  I've also been curious to try kimchi for quite some time - it was bursting with flavor and the perfect accomponiment to this dish. 

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Some other favorites...

I love that they pair scallops and grits, instead of the usual shrimp.  I'd also love to try braised endive at home. 

That pork bun was to. die. for.  Oh my gosh, it was so good.  Next time i'm definitely going to need my own.  I also need to utilize five spice more often at home- so tasty. 

Have you had a great meal recently that inspired you in the kitchen? 

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  1. Such a fun night!!! I'm not a big fan of curry or mussels, but love them at Good Food! I knew you would love this restaurant since you're such a foodie!! See you soon! xoxo