Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Update: Atlanta

Last weekend, my sisters and I reunited in the A-T-L to celebrate Sara's birthday.  We packed a lot of activities into a short period of time and it was so much fun.

Friday night we went to King+Duke, which is walking distance from my sister's apartment. I had the best cocktail -I don't see it listed on the online menu, but I know it involved citrus vodka, grapefruit juice, and prosecco.

I really tried to be a foodie and enjoy this bone marrow appetizer.  Truth be told, it was delicious, but it was just really hard for me to look at.  It was topped with savory short ribs. Would you try it?  I tried! 

Saturday my oldest friend Honor drove down from Chattanooga to surprise me. We were at a St. Paddy's day party at Fado and I looked up and there she was!  Best surprise ever.  We had our fare share of Harp and Green Bud Lights, as per my usual tradition. 

Before the Chelsea Handler show, we went to dinner at Lure. 

Lure offers family-style cocktails in punch bowls.  GENIUS. Absolutely genius. We went with the Ciao Pesco, which had peach schnaps, peach puree, ruby port and prosecco.  Now, of course, I'm dying for a vintage punch bowl. 

The Chelsea Handler show was at the beautiful Fox Theater.  Is that ceiling not amazing?  It really felt like we were outdoors!

While we were waiting for Sara to get her Chelsea book signed, we wandered across the street for a cocktail.  After we ordered a cosmo, a waiter came to the bar and said he had ordered two by mistake, so they were up for grabs.  Don't mind if I do! 

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!


  1. That bar across the street is so cute!! & I love how you got an extra cosmo ;) How was Chelsea's show?!

    xo, B

    1. Gotta love an extra cosmo! Chelsea was ok - very vulgar! Her opening act was hysterical though. I can't find the name of the guy but I know he is on her round table panel on the show.

  2. That family style cocktail is fabulous!