Sunday, September 23, 2012

Afraid to commit? Try a bit!

I have to admit, I am that person who is still mesmerized by everything I see in Whole Foods. I cause cart traffic problems because i'm in a trance staring at the 40 different types of local honey; I troll the buffet lines up and down at least 4 times before I can decide what I want; but my absolute favorite place to hover is the cheese display.

Much to my delight, I had the cheese display to myself today- I mean, that never happens!  I was even more thrilled when I discovered this tray of mini portions: "Afraid to commit? Try a bit!"  It's like they read my mind.  Not only are the smaller portions economical, but there are so many choices- who wouldn't want to expand their cheese horizons?!  Today I went with a thin wedge of Sarvecchio Parmesan to grate over pasta; what would you choose?

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