Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White Truffle Pappardelle

Last night, I went to one of my favorite Wilmington spots, Deluxe, to celebrate my friend Stephanie's birthday in style!  I can always rely on Deluxe to surprise my taste buds with creative and inspired dishes. Though I loved my filet mignon with mustard demi, butter braised asparagus with lump crab, and goat cheese whipped potatoes, I must admit I was pretty blue after I discovered my absolute favorite side, the White Truffle Mac n' Cheese, was off the menu!

Fortunately, I have experimented with white truffle butter at home so I'm prepared for just such an emergency!  White truffle butter is really very inexpensive (I believe about $5 for 4 oz; you don't need much) and it's a great way to enrich the flavor of a cream sauce or pasta.  This pasta is super decadent and very rich, so this recipe portion is fairly small since I serve it as a side.  Feel free to double it if you're having guests!

* 1/2 lb. pappardelle pasta
* 1/2 c. cream
* 3 oz. white truffle butter
* 1/4 c. parmesan cheese
* 2 tbsp. chopped fresh chives
* Salt, Pepper
Prepare the pasta according to the package directions.  Meanwhile, heat cream to simmering over medium heat in a saute pan; reduce heat to low and whisk in parmesan cheese.  Swirl in truffle butter and season with salt and pepper; reducing heat if necessary (it shouldn't boil).  Add pasta to saute pan and toss to combine.  Top with fresh chives and serve.  Enjoy!


  1. Last year I had white truffle mac n' cheese at this hip brunch spot in NYC, Cafeteria, and now I'm obsessed with anything white truffle. It's that extra flavor that really makes a dish stand out. On another note, I really enjoy reading your blog and only wish I was creative enough to coordinate one of my own. Good luck & I look forward to the next post!

  2. Thanks so much Samantha! I'm so glad you enjoy the blog!